What’s at stake in Amazon’s Bessemer, Alabama, union vote: 5 questions answered

What's at stake in Amazon's Bessemer, Alabama, union vote: 5 questions answered

Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama, are hoping to become the retailer’s first unionized employees in the U.S.

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Several thousand Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama, are currently voting on whether to form the retailer’s first-ever union. The election has been contentious, with workers complaining that Amazon is using aggressive tactics to defeat the vote, while high-profile figures including President Joe Biden have weighed in on the side of the union. Voting continues through March 29. We asked Raymond Hogler, an employment relations expert at Colorado State University, to explain what’s happening and why it matters.

1. Why do Amazon workers want to form a union, and how do they begin?

amazon union vote
amazon union vote

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2. What happens if the the union wins the election?

3. What happens if they don’t reach an agreement?

4. How about if Amazon wins?

5. What does this election mean for the broader labor movement?

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Raymond Hogler, Professor of Management, Colorado State University

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