Stacey Abrams accused of using “black trauma” to get votes | Lashaun Turner | NewsBreak Original

Georgia’s Governor Race

“Stacy Abrams is lagging in poll numbers for her gubernatorial re-match against Brian Kemp. A Fox News poll has her 7 points behind the incumbent governor among likely voters. Abrams enjoys 91% party loyalty: however, she’s still underachieving with Black voters”, according to Fox.

Stacey Abrams outreach to Black men

Stacey Abrams Trayvon Martin tweet draws criticism of “black trauma”

On September 28th, 2022, Abrams tweeted “When Trayvon Martin was shot, the law that let his murderer go free was signed by a governor. Jim Crow laws that denied Black folks citizenship for 150 years were signed by governors. Who your governor is, matters. Georgia deserves a governor who believes in our right to thrive”.

Abrams vs. Kemp



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Lashaun Turner

Lashaun Turner


JADED: Journalism with a Touch of Shade is Lashaun’s views and opinions on trending topics. Lashaun is a Journalist, Reporter, and Viral Content Creator