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Democratic nominee for Governor of Georgia Stacey Abrams, Trayvon Martin-Jim Crow tweet draws criticism.

Georgia’s Governor Race

“Stacy Abrams is lagging in poll numbers for her gubernatorial re-match against Brian Kemp. A Fox News poll has her 7 points behind the incumbent governor among likely voters. Abrams enjoys 91% party loyalty: however, she’s still underachieving with Black voters”, according to Fox.

In recent weeks Abrams has taken her message directly to Black men including publishing a Black Men’s Policy Agenda on her campaign website.

Stacey Abrams outreach to Black men

Black men deserve leadership that sees them, serves them, and believes in them. I am committed to investing in Black men, their families, and their businesses by providing opportunities for small businesses and apprenticeships, expanding access to safe and affordable education, and focusing resources on violent crime prevention and law enforcement accountability. -Stacey Abrams

At a campaign event focused on energizing Black men to vote, Abrams appeared with Radio personality, Charlamagne tha God, Rapper 21 Savage and Civil Rights lawyer Francys Johnson.

“If Black men turn out in the numbers and support me at the levels, they’re capable of, I can win this election, because we know Black men sometimes punch below their weight class,” Abrams said at the event. “They’ve got reasons to be distrustful, and they’ve got reasons to be disconnected. And it is not only disingenuous, it would be bad practice, for me to not do the work to show that I understand.” Stacey Abrams Looks to Win Black Men in Bid for Ga. Governor.

Despite these strategic efforts Abrams seems to have an uphill battle within this constituency. Black men and women are asking for more tangibles and less fluff.

Stacey Abrams Trayvon Martin tweet draws criticism of “black trauma”

On September 28th, 2022, Abrams tweeted “When Trayvon Martin was shot, the law that let his murderer go free was signed by a governor. Jim Crow laws that denied Black folks citizenship for 150 years were signed by governors. Who your governor is, matters. Georgia deserves a governor who believes in our right to thrive”.

Twitter users accused Abrams of using “black trauma” to get votes

Classical example of usage of Black America trauma for personal gain. Yet, when asked for specific policies for Black Americans that have been effected by these #jimcrow laws we get silence from these ppl wanting our #Vote #voting is an exchange not a Gift.-Twitter User.

Georgia deserves a Governor that won’t use Trayvon Martin’s death to deflect from an Anti Black Hate Bill. SMH How are you still talking about the problems and not the solutions? -Twitter User.

Stop using his death to play on the emotions of the people. Talk policy for Black people and not trauma. This is really disrespectful. — Twitter User.

This is tacky on all levels. To use Black trauma to get votes, knowing you ain’t gonna do anything for the black community (especially Black men) is low, even by your standards. May you lose spectacularly. Worst regards, ~The Black Community (Especially Black Men) -Twitter User

Abrams received a better reception for the same update posted on her Facebook Page:

Yeah if Kemp is re-elected Jim Crow could come back to Georgia too, he already taking woman’s rights away, guess what group is next to lose their rights, African Americans could be, LGBTQ+ could be, who knows ,get out and vote don’t let this happen, let’s not go back 60 -130 years let’s leap forward with Stacey as Governor, get out there and vote blue blue blue in 2022. Democrats are the answer. We need a blue wave from councilman to Senator and Governor!!!! -Facebook User

Empty words coming from the present governor. Looking forward to Stacey Abrams becoming a governor who does care about ALL GEORGIANS! -Facebook User.

Abrams vs. Kemp

Abrams again finds herself in a close election. In 2018, Abrams lost a tight race to Brian Kemp who was then the secretary of state in Georgia. Abrams accused Kemp of using his position to manipulate voter suppression in the election into his favor. A federal lawsuit over the legality of Georgia election rules was launched in the aftermath by Abrams through her Fair Fight organization.

Advocates claimed election rules made it harder for Black voters to cast ballots. However, on Friday 9/30/22, a Federal judge ruled against Abrams and fully upheld Georgia’s election laws on all counts.

Kemp may be currently favored in the polls but anything can happen with approximately 40 days left to the November 8th election day. Abrams has campaigned in recent days with members from diverse communities, however, she herself has stated the Black community could help put her over the top. The question is, will they?

To find out how to vote in Georgia visit

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