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Lashaun Turner
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-Diamond of Diamond and Silk Photo by Twitter

Diamond (Lynette Hardaway) of the popular influencer sister duo “Diamond and Silk” passed away from an undisclosed illness on Monday, January 9, 2023. An announcement was made on the official Twitter account that said “The World just lost a True Angel and Warrior Patriot for Freedom, Love, and Humanity!

Diamond and Silk were best known for their support of Donald Trump. Their official Twitter account says they are President Donald J Trump’s Most Loyal Supporters.

Hardaway (aka Diamond) died at her home in North Carolina at the age of 51. Her death was announced by former President Trump on Truth Social. Her official cause of death was not immediately made clear. She had been hospitalized with an unspecified illness in November 2022 before briefly returning to their Newsmax show in December, where she claimed that the illness was not COVID-19.- (Source)

There was an outpouring of condolences on Twitter for Diamond, however, some prominent individuals seem to be taking political swipes and shading her death. Television personality, Marc Lamont Hill tweeted: “Diamond -of the right-wing, Trump- loving duo Diamond and Silk- has died. In late November, she was hospitalized due to COVID-19. The duo was fired by Fox News a couple years ago for spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and vaccines. You cannot script this stuff. -Twitter

The verified Twitter account of Bishop Talbert Swan tweeted: Lynette Hardaway, aka ‘Diamond’ from the MAGA Trump supporting duo Diamond and Silk, died from contracting what she called ‘a hoax’ better known as COVID-19. The irony is palpable. -Twitter

Both tweets received a fair amount of backlash. Marc Lamont Hill tried to do some damage control in subsequent replies.

The family said in a statement posted on the memorial fund website -”Diamond blazed a trail, founded on her passion and love for the entire race of humanity. The memory of her passing should forever remain in our hearts. In this time of grief, please respect the privacy of Diamond’s family but remember and celebrate the gift that she gave us all”.

Diamonds memorial ceremony plans will be announced in the near future..

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