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The Recall

A recall election seeking to remove California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) will take place on September 14, 2021. The recall election will present voters with two questions.

The first will ask whether Newsom should be recalled from the office of governor. The second will ask who should succeed Newsom if he is recalled.

A majority vote is required on the first question for the governor to be recalled. The candidate with the most votes on the second question would win the election, no majority required.

2.1 million signatures were obtained to qualify for the election with recall proponents citing numerous reasons:

  • Governor Newsom has implemented laws which are detrimental to the citizens of this state and our way of life.
  • Laws he endorsed favor foreign nationals, in our country illegally, over that of our own citizens.
  • People in this state suffer the highest taxes in the nation, the highest homelessness rates, and the lowest quality of life as a result.
  • He has imposed sanctuary state status and fails to enforce immigration laws.
  • 5. He unilaterally over-ruled the will of the people regarding the death penalty.
  • 6. He seeks to impose additional burdens on our state by the following; removing the protections of Proposition 13, rationing our water use, increasing taxes and restricting parental rights.

Recall Candidates

Forty-six candidates are running in the election including John Cox (R), former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer (R), former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner (R), Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R), and former U.S. Rep. Doug Ose (R). There are nine Democrats also running.

Larry Elder, a long time conservative talk radio host, ir running and polling well ahead of the other contenders currently.

July 27, 2021: Berkeley IGS released a poll finding that 47% of voters supported the recall, 50% opposed the recall, and 3% were undecided. Larry Elder led candidate polling at 18% with no other candidate polling higher than 10%, with 40% of respondents undecided. -Ballotpedia

Newsom Supporters

I was in the ATT phone store when a commercial featuring Senator, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, came on where she was endorsing Gavin Newsom and regurgitating the “Stop the Republican Recall” script, the same script we are hearing from Newsom, and others in the Democrat Party.

Warren starts by invoking the Trump factor, which is a non-factor on the ground in this recall effort. She says Trump Republicans have gone across the country trying to affect voting results and the right to vote and now Trump Republicans are coming for a “power grab” in California. She also states in the scripted commercial, Republicans are abusing the recall process and costing taxpayers millions.

I don’t know where Warren comes off saying Republicans are “abusing” the recall process. Don’t actually know why she is speaking on anything happening in California anyway.

2.1 million Californians have exercised their right to initiate a recall. Reportedly approximately 30% were Democrats. This isn’t a Republican recall, this is Californians from all walks and political affiliations who want out of left field.

I was the only Black person in the store, among 3 Hispanics, a White couple, and the gentleman who was helping me, a young White man. Of the total in the room that made 3 Democrats, 3 Republicans and me. It turns out this was a pretty good sample demographically and politically.

I asked, what did you think of that commercial? The feedback was similar, and all were in favor of recalling Newsom for various reasons, but mainly because of his handling of the pandemic.

One mentioned hypocrisy referring to Newsom’s escapades at a French restaurant allegedly not following the very COVID-19 protocols he enacted and imposed on the rest of the state.

It was brought up that a winery Newsom co-founded remained open during the lockdown while other businesses were not as fortunate.

JADED: Newsom, Warren and even Kamala Harris who they are sending back to supposedly help Newsom beat the recall- all they have in defense of Newsom is, it’s Trump Republicans fault.

This narrative is way beyond getting old. I personally have yet to hear anyone in defense of Newsom cite positive changes in this state that he’s made.

It’s hard to find the positive- unless you’re a criminal who got out early, or one that never got locked up because your crime was decriminalized from a felony down to a misdemeanor. Lawbreakers, sex offenders and non citizens have all reaped positive rewards under Newsoms apparent ease of spending taxpayers dollars on his misguided utopian ideologies and soft on crime policy.

Any politician who will put a moratorium on something (the death penalty) that citizens continue to vote to keep, in my opinion, is rougue to begin with. Newsom and his ilk have an agenda for this state that no longer reflects the values of millions of law-abiding citizen taxpayers.

Democrats, Republicans, and Independents want Governor Newsom out of office and it has NOTHING to do with Trump! Californians simply want out of left field politics.

This has solely been my JADED Opinion. You are welcome to yours in the comments below!

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