New Music Alert: Black MP Well “Cookie” 8/11/21

New Music Alert: Black MP Well

Miami, FL based singer-songwriter Black MP Well is very versatile with enormous talents in the music industry. As he will tell you “There wouldn’t be music if there weren’t ears’’. He is so passionate about his craft and specializes in genres such as Dancehall, Afro Music, AfroPop, AfroFusion, Hip pop, RnB, Raga.

He has a unique style of singing in English, Creole and Spanish. How did it start? Black MP Well is a Haitian musician residing in the United States. As a young boy, his musical talent was discovered by friends in Haiti who had invited him to be a part of a music group

A year later, he migrated to the United States and joined the US Army after graduating from high school. While in the military, Black MP Well continued to work on his songwriting skills and right after leaving the military, he released a few singles including a hit song “Cherie m Pap Fout Kitew” which dominated night clubs and radio stations and made him a household name in the Haitian Music Industry.

New Music Alert: Black MP Well “Cookie”-video

After a successful appearance in the Haitian music, he went back to college to pursue BS Computer Science. In 2018, he made a comeback and named the project “REBORN”. He has officially released three singles between 2018 and 2020 such as “Bwa se Sou Li”, “Tap” and “Esta Noche”.

Black MP Well has come to light as the REBORN project continues. Below are the songs he released in 2021: “Hey Beautiful” released on January 1st, “Anale” released on February 4th, “I was Sexting You” released on April 1st and the new single released on August 4th.

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