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A Black man was erroneously accused of stealing a phone in an incident some are saying was racial profiling.

Ja’Shear Bryant explains he was shopping at Walmart in Moreno Valley off Day Street 7/12/21 around 2pm, when a woman out of no where accuses him of stealing her son’s phone.

Mr. Bryant and the yet to be identified woman and her son were in the same aisle when Mr. Bryant overheard the woman questioning her son about the whereabouts of his cell phone. Mr. Bryant estimates there were approximately 9 other people in the aisle at the time, but he was the only Black man.

For some reason, the woman fixated on him and accused him of theft. Mr. Bryant told her he did not have her son’s phone, but the woman started following him throughout Walmart accusing him and stating she was calling police. The woman then followed him throughout at least 3 other aisles verbally assaulting him with accusations. Mr. Bryant said he was so alarmed, embarrassed, and uncomfortable by her actions that he decided to leave the store not even getting what he came for.

The woman continued to follow and harass him all the way out into the parking lot saying over and over “give me the phone”. Just before he started videoing Mr. Bryant says he even showed her what was in his pockets and his own cell phone, but the woman insisted he had stolen her son’s phone.

The video then picks up with them in the parking lot and her saying the location tracking data on her son’s phone “marks that you’re here” and that yes, she is now following him.

Mr. Bryant continues to try to reason with the woman, but she insists otherwise. Finally, they start to walk back into Walmart where they are met by Walmart employees who appear to say he cannot video- and he explains he has his camera on for his protection. Mr. Bryant says the Walmart employees also ask “where is the phone” seemingly assuming he had stolen it. While all these unwarranted accusations are flying around, the woman’s son walks into the frame, and he has his phone. It was in their own car- the entire time.

The woman can be seen talking to her son, and when Mr. Bryant asked for her name she said NO and appeared to say “go F**k yourself”!

The video has gone viral on Facebook. One of the commenters in the Moreno Valley Matters group recognized the shirt the woman was wearing as potentially being Kaiser Thrive apparel. The video has been sent to Kaiser Thrive who replied to Mr. Bryant that they are investigating.

Also Mr. Bryant plans to make a police report. Describing to this reporter his angst about being Black and profiled many times in his life- he said he was waiting for his mother who happens to be White- to go make the report. He has also been contacted by a Discrimination Lawyer.

Was Racial Profiling Behind “Mexican Karina” accusing Black man of theft at Moreno Valley Walmart

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