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Lashaun Turner
3 min readFeb 26, 2023

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California assembly member Damon Connolly has proposed legislation that would phase out tobacco sales in the state.

“Preventing the next generation of Californians from becoming addicted to smoking should be a priority for anyone who cares about public health and the well-being of our children”, Connolly wrote in a tweet.

In response, one twitter user agreed by saying “Thank you for sponsoring this legislation to keep a new generation from being hooked on tobacco and vaping product”.

AB 935 would implement a phased tobacco ban by prohibiting a tobacco retailer from selling tobacco products to any person born on or after January 1, 2007. The bill would provide penalties for violations, including civil fines and the suspension or revocation of the sellers license to sell tobacco products.

Proponents of abolishing the sale of cigarettes/tobacco say it would result in healthcare cost savings, increased labor productivity, less chances of wildfires and home fires, plus lower the global carbon footprint.

California is known for its progressive legislation but some feel banning cigarettes & cigar (tobacco) is an overreach that would be restricting personal freedom.

You were voted to represent the people, not take away their rights and choices. Twitter user

Represent the people and their freedoms… not take them away. Twitter user

Tired of CA legislating Californians’ personal lives and liberties. It’s none of your business if I want to smoke a cigarette or cigar flavored or not. Twitter user

California is among the most liberal Democratic controlled states in the country. While seeking to ban tobacco use, other policies and practices that potentially pose a risk to public health continue.

California was the first state to allow medicinal cannabis use and it is now completely legal for anyone 21 and over whether for medicinal or recreational use. AB 935 would mean tobacco sales would be illegal, in comparison, the sales and consumption of Marijuana are not.

Illicit drug use was allowed at the Tenderloin Center in San Francisco, which closed in December 2022. The center may have closed but the epidemic of open-air drug use is visible on the streets.

Mayor London Breed continues efforts to allow for safe injection sites run by non-profits where addicts can go to inject illicit drugs in a “hygienic environment, with clean needles, under the supervision of people trained to prevent overdoses,” Politico reported.

California recently became the second state to repeal its laws criminalizing loitering for the purposes of prostitution. Senate Bill 357, introduced by Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, which eliminates the crime, went into effect January 1, 2023" as reported by the Orange County Register.

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Assembly Bill 935 is slated to be heard in the house assembly March 17, 2023. The bill if passed, would require enforcement of its provisions by the State Department of Public Health.

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