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Since I’ve been writing at Cali.FM I’ve covered different police involved shootings every week and truth be told it’s happening so regularly it seems like there is a deadly shooting almost daily. So, I like many in the Black community are feeling somewhat traumatized, discouraged, outraged — you name it. WE are sick and tired of it all.

I believe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has kicked in, to the point that every time someone gets shot, the protest and rally mechanism kicks in and we are ready to condemn the police, even before knowing the facts. People are ready to condemn any and everyone on GP (general principles) EXCEPT the Individual, who in this case In my opinion was responsible for the outcome.

YES I said it Makhia Bryant’s actions led to her death in the fatal shooting, which in my opinion was JUSTIFIED.

On the day that finally saw justice for George Floyd with the guilty verdicts on all counts- against the rogue cop Derek Chauvin, who kneed the life out of a black man for no reason, come news of the shooting of Makhia Bryant.

Black Community Crazy Reaction to MaKhia Bryant

I grabbed the bodycam video and posted it on my IG and it quickly began to rack up views and comments. To me the video was clear that Makhia was at that point the aggressor, and plain to see that whatever had caused the escalation that day -reportedly she had been jumped or was in fear of being jumped- but clearly at the time when she attacked two girls in the frame, NO ONE was fighting or even close to her.

What astounded me was the willingness of some in the black community to lump this incident in like it was a George Floyd Moment which it clearly was not- and when I posted that sentiment that is what started the comments. Then, I was amazed at what seemed to be the most idiotic statements considering that everyone had the same information from the body cam- comments like:

* He COULD have deescalated the situation- NO he couldn’t have, he was on scene 9 seconds before Makhia tried to stab the 2 girls — IMPOSSIBLE considering the time frame.

* He got out with his gun drawn -he was gonna shoot somebody- he had it on his mind already- NO he didn’t, you can plainly see he un-holstered the weapon after he was out of the car when Makhia came around the car knife in hand charging at the 1st girl

* He could have used a Taser- NO he could not- time and distance plus going against deadly force he was authorized and did use deadly force against a knife wielding person. Taser does not always deploy, and it also does not always stop someone. If he had done anything other than shoot her at that moment, she would have likely killed the girl in pink.

* He could have tackled her- Police are paid and work in high risk but REALLY you expect him to take a stab wound and potentially give his life so that a mad stabber can do what — kill him and 2 others ?? NO

* He could have shot the knife out of her hand- SMDH REALLY?

* He should have known Makhia was the one who called the police- duh 9 SECONDS to the kill shot- what could he have known in 9 seconds other than someone is trying to stab people. And really just because she called 911 that does not excuse her subsequent actions- SHE tried to KILL 2 people..

* And finally, he could have only shot once not 4 times …sigh- so If he would have shot once and killed her that would be somehow different? They are trained to shoot to kill basically, neutralize the threat- and he did that.

I thought about these crazy comments/rationale and the only logical thing I could come up with is our community is suffering from a collective sort of PTSD from the many actual un-justified officer involved shootings etc.

Black Community Crazy Reaction to MaKhia Bryant shooting


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event(s) — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.

JADED: Black Community Crazy Reaction to MaKhia Bryant shooting

The discussion of it may have been her that called the police for help, etc etc- is factually irrelevant — You can NOT attempt to stab/kill others in front of police and not expect to get shot. And the question I asked that had people coming at me was WHAT IF THE GIRL IN PINK WOULD HAVE BEEN STABBED, or killed then what?

Listen folks I don’t have love for police either but we have to see these things thru a clear lens incident by incident. I felt really bad that people will equate something like this to the George Floyd incident — NOTHING is comparative and doing so is de-legitimizing the movement because it seems no matter the facts some are willing to blame and accuse everyone except the individual who used deadly force and was met with deadly force -unfortunately.

Also, the real folks to blame are the alleged father and adoptive parents who were standing by while the whole situation unfolded and the one guy actually participated in it. They all should feel some blame but what I have seen so far is them saying things like- oh she was just a kid, accusing others and deflecting from their roles in the precipitating events leading up to the tragic incident.

Black Community Crazy Reaction to MaKhia Bryant

That one freeze frame where she is in motion with the knife in hand brings about the idea of Child of Chucky or something — that may sound bad but it is what it is and with only NINE SECONDS (9) the cop did what he is trained to do and that is protect- he saved the life of the girl in pink.

Admittedly it was a sad situation, but I do not believe “systemic racism” or any other racism existed in those 9 seconds. I believe the officer made the correct decision given the time and circumstance.

Comparisons to other whites who didn’t get shot etc etc- I mean I get it- but 2 wrongs don’t make a right and again ANOTHER BLACK GIRLS LIFE was saved- if the cop really didn’t GAF- he would have let it play out.

That’s my JADED OPINION, you are welcome to yours, just NOT HERE!

Daniel Prude’s in custody death is NOT like George Floyd’s or is it?

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