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Kitana Savage speaks exclusively with Cali.FM about her music journey and current single “Chichis Pa La Banda”.“Chichis Pa La Banda”.

Having lost both parents tragically at a young age, to fighting addiction, and overcoming anorexia, 29-year-old Kitana Savage has made a name for herself despite all obstacles. She is living proof that you can transform your life completely, if you really want to.

Kitana, whose real name is Klara Lima is a Rapper, Model, and Internet Celebrity who you may remember from the docuseries “Hooked on the Look”, which chronicled how she spent over 1-million-dollars on plastic surgery to perfect her look.

She hails from the Czech Republic but started her music career in Mexico and the USA. Get to know more about Kitana Savage in this interview exclusive with @MsLashaunTurner.

Having overcome so many challenges in life, what would you say is the biggest motivating factor guiding your music career- where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration definitely comes from passion. I have incredible passion for art. Music art, verbal art; writing, fashion, beauty, art art art ! I live my dream because I got the blessing to do what I love to do and I appreciate the ability and opportunity that the universe giving me — so I make sure I work hard for it. Because music and my career is something I want to be working on, I want to feel I deserve everything I worked for. It’s amazing feeling for me. I just believe I was born for this because it’s the first thing I think about when I wake up….

The key was always listening to my heart because I believe that the love for what you doing will bring success and greatness .

I read that you have always been creative- even writing poetry as a child. Are you writing your own lyrics, and what is your process for making songs?

Yes, I honestly love writing so much, I’m reading and writing everyday. Words have huge power, it can really change peoples lives.. the right words and the wrong words. Being aware of what we saying is smart.

Writing lyrics was always my passion, same as poetry, same as writing essays about life and ability to never loose faith because that’s what you need to make it out of a dark place in life.

When it comes to my lyrics, I write in English and Czech but in Spanish I have my excellent writer Zaigo that I’m working with in my home A2F Studios in Miami.

When I write song I need emotions first, then I can move to bars that I write usually pretty fast. I usually have the skeleton done in 20 minutes then I just reconstruct it so it’s flowing with the beat,.. then I pick and sometimes rewrite the hook, crop words… and the heat is up!

You have resided and traveled all over the globe, what part of the world or surroundings shaped you in a music creative sense, and in what way(s)?

So to be honest I been a music fanatic since I was young. Louder? Better! I spent 4 summers in Ibiza while my young twenties I spent so much time Just traveling, discovering and experiencing life… I was just a wild child. My first dream was to be a DJ…

I always loved electronic music, it’s a form of meditation for me because deep house which I love usually doesn’t have words so I can just listen and feel the energy and the BPM.

When it comes to rap,… it all happened kind of bizarre way, because I never imagined myself as a rapper or a singer later on in my life, my life was really about being a model, dressing pretty, looking good, living the fancy life and model model model,.. modeling is my nature so.

That’s what I was always doing, but my life changed when I met a great rapper from Czech that told me I should start to rap. It was just an idea… but music became my life and passion again.

I started big harder but I guess I’m in a stage of my life I want people to feel good, happy and positive when they listen to my music so I made “Chichis pa la Banda” bit more playful then my other songs .

I’m a Scorpio so being versatile and being able to transform is my nature truly connects people. Music just makes life so much more fun and reason to be happy.

Tell us about the song “Chichis Pa La Banda”, which we have in heavy rotation right now on Cali.FM -how did it come about, how has the reaction been and is there a follow up project you are working on?

Honestly I put so much energy In that song. So seeing it doing great makes me happy! Chichis pa la Banda is a song that’s making people dance and feel good and that’s what’s all is it about. Music is the most beautiful form of energy if it’s done with real heart .

Yes definitely new projects are coming! I’m releasing a new single “Cafe” and also there is a major documentary about me that we shot last year for a major German TV that will be released this spring!

Being relatively new on the music scene — is it what you expected thus far?

I didn’t know what I’m getting into but life is just a test and I believe if I do things with heart and great knowledge that’s what’s going to bring success.

If you could collaborate with a major artist right now- who would that be and why?

Yes definitely with Drake because his music brings so much positive energy in the world.

In a previous interview you mentioned something to the effect that part of your physical transformation was meant to help brand Kitana Savage more as an artist- can you elaborate on that?

My physical transformation was definitely part of my journey that became part of my brand. I was in a dark place, dealing with drugs, dealing with depression and had to learn that all it takes to make a change is one decision and faith. The process is not easy but it’s possible and doable. I had faith and vision and I Just kept going.

I bet your Fan Rooms are off the chain- besides music, what else are you into, or sharing-caring about these days?

Yes I definitely love how modeling and creating content became actually appreciated for every creator who put focus and energy in it. You can make a serious income out of internet and that’s one of the things I love about now days. Internet has no limits so it’s up to us what we create out of it .

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