June 22-California News and Black Media Network — Issue #53

Lashaun Turner
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Congresswoman Nikema Williams calls to abolish slavery in prisons | Lashaun Turner | NewsBreak Originaloriginal.newsbreak.com
Activists want inmates to be paid the prevailing wage in their state or territory for their labor. Congresswoman Nikema Williams wrote in a Juneteenth post on her Twitter account that she wants to change the 13th Amendment of the U.S Constitution.

Commission says traffic will choke the highway system & force residents to walk, bike, bus. | Lashaun Turner | NewsBreak Originaloriginal.newsbreak.com
The Riverside County Transportation Commission says California hopes to push residents to switch from driving. In 2020 California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) issued a first in the nation executive order outlawing the sale of gas-powered vehicles in California by 2035.

Kamala Harris accused of pandering when she talked about Collard Greens in South Carolina | Lashaun Turner | NewsBreak Originaloriginal.newsbreak.com
Last week during an appearance in South Carolina at a Democratic Party event, Kamala Harris told the crowd a story about the time she walked through an airport and boarded a plane with bags of South Carolina collard greens.

California News

California school official denounces ‘mixed-race’ dad as a ‘White male’ for probing equity course: complaint | Fox Newswww.foxnews.com
The Californians for Equal Rights Foundation filed a complaint with a school district alleging ‘racial discrimination’ after a parent raised concerns about its equity curriculum.

California bill would require all gun owners to obtain liability insurance | California | thecentersquare.comwww.thecentersquare.com
(The Center Square) — A California state senator introduced legislation that would require gun owners to obtain liability insurance for the “negligent or accidental use” of their firearms, according to

4 SoCal cities among worst-run in California, study finds | KTLAktla.com
San Francisco ranked worst in California, and second-worst in the country.

The Daily Blackness

Black Florida Teen Speaks Out After 2 Men Accused Of Damaging His Carwww.youtube.com
WESH’s Summer Knowles spoke with Jermaine Jones and his parents after two men were arrested for being accused of harassing and damaging Jones’ car. Cell phon…

The U.S. Towns Created as Safe Spaces for Black Americanswww.youtube.com
More than 200 towns and communities across the U.S. were founded by formerly enslaved people looking to create safe spaces for Black Americans.» Sign up for …

What happened when a Black Tennessee town faced a state takeoverwww.nbcnews.com
When Mason, Tennessee, faced losing its ability to govern its own finances in a fight with white state officials earlier this year, doing so brought a


Fake African Prince Tricked White Woman Into Marriage Then THIS Happened… | Peter Lobengulawww.youtube.com
To see the Dorothy Dandridge video that I mentioned at the end of this video, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTdQlwKygc8&t=274sPT Barnum along w…

Black Music Month Profiles: The Legendary Career Of Kanye West | Billboard Newswww.youtube.com
Looking back at some of the biggest accomplishments in Kanye’s career.To learn more about this story: ►► Subscribe for more music news: http://blbrd.cm/Prora...

The robots of the future | Dennis Hong | TEDxManhattanBeachwww.youtube.com
Global robot scientist Dennis Hong explores a future where humanoids, built to mirror human intellectual and locomotive capabilities, take on repetitive, sca…


Democrats Losing Some Support From Black Voters Ahead Of Midtermswww.youtube.com
As Democrats enter an already challenging midterm election, they face a new challenge: they’re losing support among Black voters. Since the 2020 election, Pr…

Mother of son killed in gun violence testifies on Capitol Hillwww.youtube.com
“Thoughts, prayers, and calls for gun control isn’t enough,” Lucreita Hughes said.SUBSCRIBE to ABC News: https://bit.ly/2vZb6yPWATCH MORE on http://abcnews.g...

Rep. Ayanna Pressley at the White House student loan debt actionwww.youtube.com
— — — act.tv is a progressive media company specializing in next generation live streaming and digital strategy. Our YouTube channel focuses on interviews with…

Links and Facts About Juneteenth. Flag and Symbols Deeper Meaning Behind… | by Brooke Sinclair | The Blood PAC | Jun, 2022 | Mediummedium.com
It’s important culture and diversity be done correctly. Since Juneteenth became a national holiday there’s been a swarm of brands and retailers who failed to represent the true identity and symbolism…



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