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Lashaun Turner
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Breaking News: Newsom Recall Election Date Set For Sept. 14 — CALI FM RADIOwww.cali.fm
Newsom Recall Election-The recall election of California Gov. Gavin Newsom has been set for Sept. 14.

Why Some Californians Are Talking Tax Revolt — News Breakwww.newsbreak.com
JADED: Journalism with a Touch of Shade — Lashaun Turner- News of California Democrats plans to pay 1.3 billion to enroll more undocumented persons in Medicaid while millions of Californians remain uninsured or underinsured, is not being received well in some pockets around the state.

California Senator Scott Wiener’s SB-110 Will Pay Meth Addicts to Stay Sober — News Breakwww.newsbreak.com
JADED: Journalism with a Touch of Shade — Lashaun Turner- Senator Scott Wiener (D) the author of several controversial bills, has introduced SB 110 which would allow the state’s Medicaid program to pay for Contingency Management, which would give incentives to people addicted to Methamphetamine (Meth) to stay in treatment.

Group Calls On Newsom To End Transfer Of Transgender Inmates 7/8/21 — CALI FM RADIOwww.cali.fm
Transgender Inmates: Since Jan. 1, after a new law went into effect allowing men identifying as women to be housed in women’s prisons

Oakland Police Work To Combat Crime Surge Amid Budget Cuts 7/3/21 — CALI FM RADIOwww.cali.fm
ABC News’ Matt Gutman rides along with Oakland police during one of their busiest shifts, witnessing the city’s violence first-hand and the strain on the


Hate Crimes Against Black People On The Rise In California 7/8/21 — CALI FM RADIOwww.cali.fm
According to the California Department of Justice, hate crimes against black people have increased by 25% in the last decade

Beyond Tulsa: The Secret History Of Flooding Black Towns To Make Lakes 7/3/21 — CALI FM RADIOwww.cali.fm
Beyond the destruction of Tulsa Race Massacre — black towns were erased off the map, flooded and made into lakes

TikTok Black Dance Creators Strike, Call Out Creative Exploitation 7/3/21 — CALI FM RADIOwww.cali.fm
TikTok Black Dance Creators are on indefinite “strike”, refusing to choreograph dances on the app to protest

Edward Mathews, 45, Racist NJ Man Caught On Video During Rant Taken Into Custody — CALI FM RADIOwww.cali.fm
Edward Mathews, 45, Racist NJ Man taken into custody for a racist rant against his neighbor

Black Farmers Fight For Debt Relief Passed By Congress But Held Up In Court 7/5/21 — CALI FM RADIOwww.cali.fm
Federal judges have issued injunctions blocking the payout of $5 billion in funds approved by Congress for black farmers,


Slain Haitian President Faced Calls For Resignation, Sustained Mass Protests Before killing 7/8/21 — CALI FM RADIOwww.cali.fm
Slain Haitian president Jovenel Moïse was assassinated in the early morning hours of July 7, 2021, in a brazen attack

What Is Cultural Appropriation, And How Does It Differ From Cultural Appreciation? 7/8/21 — CALI FM RADIOwww.cali.fm
Tag# cultural appropriation

Should The Supreme Court Have Term Limits? 7/6/21 — CALI FM RADIOwww.cali.fm
Pressure on Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to step down will likely grow now that the court’s session has ended.


Successful Black Owned Brands At Target -CEO Convos Series Introduction 7/8/21 — CALI FM RADIOwww.cali.fm
Black Owned Brands At Target When you walk into a store and reach for the brands you know and trust does their story ever cross your mind




Let The Music Play: Mr. Mosley “Musical Cocktail” — News Breakwww.newsbreak.com

Let the Music Play series introduces you to new music from up and coming artists in the local community!.- Steven Mosley is a Los Angeles based artist on the move in 2021. Also known by his stage name, Mr. Mosley, is a singer, songwriter, and music producer who has been singing since he was five years old. He credits his mother, an accomplished vocalist, for inspiring and giving him the foundation for his music career. His love of singing and music was also nurtured early on by his experiences performing at First Baptist Church where his dad was the Pastor.

Let The Music Play: Jaysin Voxx “Departure” — News Breakwww.newsbreak.com
Let the Music Play series introduces you to new music from up and coming artists in the local community!. Jaysin Voxx is a product of the San Francisco Bay Area Music Machine. Edgy, talented, and driven, Voxx is a powerful singer and songwriter who has fused a style and brand that mixes Alternative Pop, Dance, and Hip-Hop, ultimately shaping his clever writing, bold presence, and strong vocals.


Delta Variant Now Most Common COVID-19 Strain In California — CALI FM RADIOwww.cali.fm
The hyper-transmissible delta variant virus is now the most common COVID-19 strain in California

Do I Need A COVID 19 Booster Shot? 6 Questions Answered On How To Stay protected — CALI FM RADIOwww.cali.fm
Tag COVID 19 booster shot:


Catamaran Resort Hotel San Diego- Great View, Room Less Desirable!- ‘Trip Chic’ Review — News Breakwww.newsbreak.com

‘Trip Chic’ highlights California destinations and day trips that are fun for the whole family!. View from Catamaran Resort Hotel San Diego -Lashaun Turner- I stayed at the Catamaran Resort Hotel San Diego in room 955 and my comments are somewhat mixed. The location and view was great — the room, less desirable. The room was in fact in need of a major update. I actually haven’t been in a “resort” lately that had the popcorn stuff on the ceiling (in the main room).. It was dingy, dusty, and needs overhauling and more electrical outlets as electric cord extensions were in use for the basic lights to be plugged in, and the ihome dock (that didnt work) and clock that were on the nightstand..

Luxury & Budget Cabo Travel Guide | Part 1 Best Things To Do In Cabo — CALI FM RADIOwww.cali.fm
Cabo Travel- Mexico is always a good idea, but Cabo is the best place to go to if you’re looking for a perfect Baecation, group trip,



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