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Lashaun Turner
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His wife grew tired of his foot obsession so he went online secretly to find women’s feet to rub.

**This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events that I have experienced firsthand; used with permission.

Dating online is so weird. People are often there just to fulfill very specific self-interests, and not necessarily for real dating or relationship minded.

I have done my fair share of meet & greets and even had a relationship or two come out of it. But mainly I’ve run into the most perverted of individuals, cheaters, broke men etc. I have so many stories, lol.

A while back I met a man online who had a voracious appetite for feet! Our initial conversations were good, he was employed and okay looking. When he mentioned he liked feet, I didn’t initially think that much of it. He just said he liked well-manicured toes with a certain color polish.

He claimed to be single, and he worked near where I lived so meeting up was going to be convenient. So, I thought why not? Knowing that he was partial to feet I made sure I had a fresh pedicure and wore open toe shoes so he could see my feet.

When we met up, it went okay. He did say he liked my toes, but he wanted to see a specific color on them, and he offered to pay for me to get my toes done again in the color he wanted.

He also offered to buy me a designer purse as a thank you for getting my toes done again before our next meetup in a couple days.

I declined his money and gift, but I thought you know, if this guy is interested in me and he is smart, employed etc., why not go along with the whole toe thing.

We continued to chat off and on and he would express his desire to see my toes, he wanted pictures. We would be talking and he’d veer off in the conversation to my toes. It was odd but, yeah.

But anyway, I went and got my toes redone in the red color that he wanted, and we agreed to meetup at a sizzler for lunch.

During lunch was when it got weird. He bought our lunch, but he wasn’t interested in eating at all. He asked me to take my shoes off and to put my feet in his lap.

During the time whole time I was eating he was rubbing my feet, closing his eyes, smiling, and going through whatever was going on in his head. It was at that point I started to think this guy is only interested in my feet.

After lunch he walked me to my car, and he asked to get in. I thought okay, maybe he wants to now have conversation because we certainly didn’t have much over lunch- other than the few things he was saying he wanted to do to and with my feet.

So, we got in the car, and it was more of the same. He just wanted my toes on him. Everywhere! It was so weird I knew I would not be interested in seeing him again.

Later he called me, and I was dismissive. The next day he called, and I told him I wasn’t going to be cool with the whole foot thing. And that’s when he confessed that his wife wasn’t either.

He said he had been married for eight years and at first his wife was okay with it but now she thinks he is a freak of some sort, and it is tearing their marriage apart.

He said they live at the same address, but he is sleeping in the casita out back and they are not talking except for when it comes to the kids.

He said he is basically looking for a woman to indulge his foot obsession and he will lavish her with gifts for doing so. I told him I am not the one but wished him well.

I’m a whole human, not just feet.

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