• Neta Williams

    Neta Williams

  • Carmen G

    Carmen G

  • Dale Struggles

    Dale Struggles

    Confused, grumpy, and on the cusp of middle age. A filterless specimen of my cohort.

  • yungaly302


  • Derry Cox

    Derry Cox

    Author- The Scars I come with IG-iamderrycox business owner -Preuve skincare

  • Answers Handbook

    Answers Handbook

    A social handbook for all of your curious questions. (Buy☕ https://ko-fi.com/answershandbook)

  • G Lee

    G Lee

    A man with many interests. I enjoy reading about topics of which I seek better unrestrained knowledge. Family, Friends, Music, and being a better Me!

  • Rob Cullivan

    Rob Cullivan

    Professional writer, harmonica player and certified caregiver.

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