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Lashaun Turner
3 min readNov 11, 2022

Donald Trump is patting himself on the back with a victory lap on Truth Social claiming 174 wins and 9 losses among his candidate endorsements in the 2022 Midterms.

“Almost all of the people I endorsed WON, said Trump.

Trump also centered himself into the conversation over the historic win in Florida by Governor Ron DeSantis and other Republican candidates who have turned the state solidly red from a swing state. Trump posted:

Now that the Election in Florida is over, and everything went quite well, shouldn’t it be said that in 2020, I got 1.1 million more votes in Florida than Ron D got this year, 5.7 million to 4.6 Million? Just asking? -Donald Trump

Just days before the polls opened while stumping for failed Senatorial candidate Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania, Trump called out DeSantis while reading off voter preferences for the GOP nomination for President in 2024. Trump threw a little shade when he referred to Ron DeSantis as Ron DeSanctimonious.

Trump is teasing a “very big” announcement for November 15, in which it is speculated he will announce his intention to run again in 2024.

Since Trump failed to concede his election loss in the 2020 he has faced numerous criminal and civil investigations. Although he still has a great deal of support within the MAGA party of the Republicans, his name and brand are simultaneously toxic to many Americans following the January 6th incident.

Trump continues to be investigated into any efforts on his part to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Per a Quinnipiac poll, nearly 50% of Americans think Trump committed a crime with his efforts to change the results of the election. And nearly 6 in 10 Americans think former President Trump bears a lot (41 percent) or some (18 percent) of the responsibility for the storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, while 39 percent say he bears not much of the responsibility (14 percent) or none at all (25 percent).

In addition to two impeachments and the tumultuous end to his presidency, Trump has faced numerous criminal and civil investigations.

In August, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence was searched by FBI agents with boxes of documents being seized. Trump allegedly removed potential classified information from the White House when his presidency ended.

Although Trump touts his popularity within the GOP, polls show Americans rejecting the idea of him taking the office again.

61% of Americans — including 90% of Democrats, 26% of Republicans, and 67% of independents — do not want Trump to run for president in 2024- PBS

Ron DeSantis has had a wildly successful 4 year term as Governor of Florida. Tuesdays overwhelming victory has many speculating that DeSantis will launch a presidential bid.

DeSantis has demonstrated leadership through multiple crises, and would be a formidable opponent in the 2024 presidential election..

However, Trump has laid down the gauntlet and warned DeSantis against running for president in 2024 saying doing so would harm the Republican Party. Trump also seemed to openly be blackmailing DeSantis by threatening to release unflattering information about him.

According to CNN, “in recent months DeSantis has privately suggested to donors that Trump’s divisiveness is a hindrance to enacting conservative priorities”.

Ron DeSantis has a long list of accomplishments and has garnered attention on the national stage. At 44 years of age, his political future is bright whether he decides to Run for President in 2024 or 2028?

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