Commission says traffic will choke the highway system & force residents to walk, bike, bus. | Lashaun Turner | NewsBreak Original

The executive order directs state agencies to develop strategies for an integrated, statewide rail and transit network, and incorporate safe and accessible infrastructure into projects to support bicycle and pedestrian options, particularly in low-income and disadvantaged communities. -Source

As of November 2021, the average price of an electric car hovered around $56,000, up nearly 6.2% from the year before, according to data from Kelley Blue Book. The price of an electric car is about $10,000 more than the industry average of $46,329. Source

Social Media users chime in:

@bearzus feedback- This is the way you want it. Crushing us with aging roadways, and high gas prices, trying to force us out of driving. Meanwhile the elites, politicians and the wealthy will always be able to drive as they wish. Build the roads & highways. Quit wasting our infrastructure taxes. Twitter

@LeatherJoseph commented — Never. Are you out of your mind. Let’s see you take all your tools and supplies on a bicycle or a bus. And trains and buses don’t go anywhere near your job site.How’s a Gardener going to take their lawnmower on a Bus Get real? Just take the bus is so Out of touch -Twitter

@blueskies6123 feedback- These are suggestions from ppl who live in academia, large cities like NYC,the elite who have drivers, flexible schedules and nannies. If not they wld know just how stupid these designs are. Ya still have to get to train stations, subway systems & ubers. Cost? They have no idea- Twitter



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