Ben Crump and BLM need to tell Black men to stop resisting police. (Opinion) | Lashaun Turner | NewsBreak Original

What Happened?

On April 4, 2022, in Grand Rapids Michigan, Patrick Lyoya was pulled over in a traffic stop due to an inconsistency in the license plates of the vehicle he was driving.

When can police use lethal force?

In most jurisdictions, the use of deadly force is justified only under conditions of extreme necessity as a last resort, when all lesser means have failed or cannot reasonably be employed.

Ben Crump and Black Lives Matter (BLM)

Civil Rights attorney Ben Crump is representing Lyoya’s family and has said the video footage “clearly shows that this was an unnecessary, excessive, and fatal use of force against an unarmed Black man who was confused by the encounter and terrified for his life.

Who is at fault?

Crump blames the police officer for escalating the situation when it would appear it may have been Lyola who took the traffic stop in a fatal direction by non-compliance, attempting to evade, fighting the officer, and finally grabbing for the officers taser.



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Lashaun Turner

Lashaun Turner


JADED: Journalism with a Touch of Shade is Lashaun’s views and opinions on trending topics. Lashaun is a Journalist, Reporter, and Viral Content Creator