Aug 27 California News and Black Media Network-Cali.FM — Issue #27

I mentioned last week that I would be making some changes within my operations to account for the new position at NEWSBREAK. After careful consideration, I have decided to end News Publication on my website and revert it back to

Unfortunately without an adequate amount of contributors, I would not be able to populate my site and its syndication endpoints like Google News and Flipboard, now that I’m writing for NEWSBREAK.

I will however continue posting News and Media in the Facebook Group and in my weekly Newsletter. If current Contributors would like to add links for sharing in the Newsletter, they can continue to submit Article & Video links.

The URL Cali.FM now points to the Live Radio Station. I will continue to offer limited promotional opportunities at Cali FM, including rotation and advertisements.

As I am still rearranging things on the site, if you do decide to come by-please excuse the mess.




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Tuscany Suites & Casino in Las Vegas: The Good, Bad, Unacceptable, & Plain NASTY | Lashaun Turner |
Photo of Tuscany Suites and Casino Las Vegas — -:Courtesy Tuscany Suites and Casino Facebook Page — -: For us here in Southern California, Sin City aka Las Vegas, is just a few hours drive away and a frequent destination when we want a quick getaway.

The Filthiest Del Taco Bathroom I’ve Ever Seen: 4380 N Nellis Blvd- Las Vegas | Lashaun Turner |
Would a dirty restaurant bathroom deter you from eating at an establishment?. Inside Del Taco Bathroom — -:Photo by Lashaun Turner — -: The late Anthony Bourdain wrote in Kitchen Confidential, “If the restaurant can’t be bothered to replace the puck in the urinal or keep the toilets and floors clean, then just imagine what their refrigeration and workspaces look like.”

Media Entrepreneur| Viral Content Creator| Black Media Network| Owner @ Cali FM Radio — Lashaun
Lashaun Turner is a Media Entrepreneur. Radio & TV Host, Content Creator, and Owner @ Cali FM radio

‘Do I Look Like A White Supremacist?’: Larry Elder Assails Newsom In California Recall Election
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WHAT? Nick Cannon Says Marriage Is A “Eurocentric Concept”
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The N.B.A. Officially Drafted a Woman in 1977. It Was Me. | ‘Almost Famous’ by
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Olamide Olowe is the Youngest Black Woman to Raise $1 Million
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California wine tasting room owned by Black women looks to change the face of the
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Historically Black colleges and universities clear student
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Two Black Women Entrepreneurs Make Millions With Black Hair Care
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Black Voice News Publisher Paulette Brown-Hinds Awarded Stanford
The Stanford Fellowship will provide Black Voice News Publisher Paulette Brown Hinds the opportunity to explore how to make the visualization tools and datasets needed for solutions-focused data reporting on racial justice accessible to the Black Press in California.

Oakland’s first Black-owned brewery created a popcorn-packed beer to honor rap legend Shock
“Shock G Forever” honors the Digital Underground co-founder with a beer with fruity notes and 6.5% alcohol by volume

Nipsey Hussle and J Stone’s bond is far beyond just boys from the ‘hood — The
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