April 10, 2022 California News and Black Media Network — Issue #47


California could require physicians to undergo training for transgender patients | California | thecentersquare.comwww.thecentersquare.com
(The Center Square) — A bill that would require physicians to undergo cultural competency training to provide appropriate care for transgender, gender-nonconforming and intersex people (TGI) was advanced by a

California Task Force Votes To Limit Reparations Only To Descendants Of Enslaved Peoplewww.youtube.com
California is the first state to create a reparations task force. On Tuesday, the panel narrowly voted to limit eligibility to African Americans residents wh…

Sacramento mass shooting suspect served less time due to California law | KTLAktla.com
A suspect arrested in connection with last weekend’s mass shooting outside bars in Sacramento served less than half his 10-year sentence because of voter-approved changes to state law that lessened the punishment for his felony convictions and provided a chance for earlier release. Smiley Allen Martin was freed in February after serving time for punching […]

CA lawmakers advance bill allowing residents to sue assault weapon makers, distributors | California | thecentersquare.comwww.thecentersquare.com
(The Center Square) — A bill modeled after Texas’ controversial abortion law that would allow any Californian to sue gunmakers and distributors who sell assault weapons, ghost guns and .50

‘Hero’ shot by police after appearing to disarm gunman sues California officers, citywww.nbcnews.com
A high school football champion who was shot by police after he appeared to disarm a gunman at a California restaurant has sued the city and its police


Black Voters Locked & Loaded With Guns Prepared for Ukraine Nazis | by Brooke Sinclair | AfroSapiophile | Mar, 2022 | Mediummedium.com
Gun Sales Rise As Black Americans Prepare for Nazis to Arrive. “Black Voters Locked & Loaded Prepared for Nazis” is published by Brooke Sinclair in AfroSapiophile.

Biden Tries To Fool Black America By Signing Emmett Till Antilynching Act That Doesn’t Protect Themwww.youtube.com
Recently Joe Biden signed the Emmett Till Antilynching Act into law. But does it really protect Black America or is this just a trick to get Black Americans …

School of Black Utah student who died by suicide allowed bullying ‘on any ground” to go unchecked, report finds — CNNwww.cnn.com
When Isabella “Izzy” Tichenor died by suicide in November, her mother alleged that the 10-year-old Black and autistic student at Foxboro Elementary in Farmington, Utah, had been bullied because of her race and disability.

Milwaukee elects first Black mayor, Cavalier Johnsonwww.nbcnews.com
Cavalier Johnson became the first African American elected mayor of Milwaukee on Tuesday, overwhelming a former alderman.


$90m poured into Black Lives Matters in a year. Questions are being asked about how it’s been spent | Daily Mail Onlinewww.dailymail.co.uk
Co-founder Patrisse Cullors, 38, (pictured) insisted she’d paid for the properties with money earned from public speaking and book sales.

After meeting 17 years ago, sisters now helm the country’s largest Black-owned wine brandwww.nbcnews.com
Andréa McBride was a 16 year old living in foster care in New Zealand when she got a phone call from her biological dad in Alabama.

Black Women In Cannabis Reformwww.youtube.com
Virginia-based activist and entrepreneur discusses her work leading the charge to help Virginia the first southern state to legalize cannabis, as well as her…


Rapper Kidd Creole Found Guilty Of Manslaughter | News | BETwww.bet.com
The hip hop legend reportedly killed a homeless man.

Democrats’ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Gaslighting Is Driving the Middle Class to Republicans | Opinion — NewsBreakwww.newsbreak.com
The ignoring and gaslighting of the disgruntled parents by Democratic politicians and liberal media elitists has activated the apolitical moderate working-class people of…

The Blood PAC | By Our Blood Political Action Committee | The Blood PACmedium.com
Eliminate barriers put on foundational Black Americans. Amplify stories that expand the voices of Black Americans.



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