64-year-old single man only dates women with huge buttocks

Lashaun Turner
3 min readDec 10, 2022

You would think that when men and women reach their middle stages, they would be more than ready to find the perfect partner to settle down with. A mate who is mentally and emotionally compatible with similar goals in life. You would think.

I recently had a conversation with a man I met online who is 64 years old and one of the first questions he asked was if I had a big butt? I should have asked him whether he had a big attribute I should be aware of, but I’ve never even thought of asking someone about the size of their body parts.

Men and women throughout their adult lives are attracted to the opposite sex for different reasons at different times. It was shocking to hear this man say at this stage in his life his priority was one certain physical attribute.

We always hear men are visual by nature

Everyone has their preferences, and looks play an important role in a relationship, but to be 64 years old and all you want is a big buttock in a woman, was a bit shocking to say the least.

For fun, I asked a couple of men who are also dating about what attracts them to a woman and they were split in their responses.

One friend, Ryan, says men are always going to be visual first, even into their 60’s and 70’s. Ryan is 62 years old and shared with me that he is one who has always fallen for looks over substance, at least at first. During our conversation he told me that the mothers of his children had all the physical attributes he finds attractive including a big buttock, yet, after the initial phases they ended up not having much in common after physicality.

As Ryan pondered the topic aloud, he said looking back, that it may have been a mistake being so wrapped up on the buttock obsession because he only ended up staying with these women long enough to have kids and the whole relationship part never materialized. Even said he ended up hating the women.

My other friend Michael spoke about what attracts him to a woman and for him it’s a bit more nuanced that just having a big butt. Admittedly he said, when he was younger the physical was very important, however as he gets older, he has realized that focusing on a woman’s body hadn’t particularly worked out for him.

Now, Michael looks for well-rounded women with lifestyle characteristics that match his. He is interested in zero drama, financial stability, someone who doesn’t have underaged kids, and who is on track to retire and explore what life has on the other side of a career. Compatibility and goals shared are top of mind when he’s meeting new women.

What are middle age single women looking for in a man?

Women tend to value broader traits such as honesty, kindness, attentiveness and time to share dating and being a couple. If he’s dependable, clean, and takes care of himself- that’s a good start for most women. Some ladies have hard-wired physical preferences as well, like height for instance, and that’s fair. On both sides as we get older, we tend to be stuck in our ways and habits. Living single into middle age can make dating and relating that much more challenging.

As for the gentleman who sparked this conversation, I never met him off-line. He was someone who for whatever reasons had never had a serious long-term relationship. Red Flag! Chances are if someone has not committed to anyone by their mid-sixties, they aren’t going to, or are undesirable for some other reasons.



Lashaun Turner

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